• Thornbury Bowls Club (map)
  • 27 Ballantyne Street
  • Thornbury, VIC, 3071
  • Australia

Let the games begin!

7pm start. $20 entry. Trophy for the winner and cash prizes for top 6.

First, two players are drawn randomly to play on each available machine. The remaining players are placed in one central queue.

When a game is completed:

  • The loser stays on the same machine, unless he has lost twice consecutively, in which case the winner stays on.
  • The player leaving the machine moves to the back of the queue.
  • The player staying on the machine plays in the same position (P1/P2) as he played in the previous game.
  • The player at the front of the queue moves up to play the player staying on.

At the end of 3.5 hours, no more games may start. The winner is the player with the most games won. Ties are broken by fewest losses.